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Digital Alcohol Tester LYD-818A

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LYD-818A Alcohol Tester

Features and Advantages:
%0 – bit digital alcohol tester.
Three Kinds of unit conversion (%BAC / %0 BAC/mg/L)
Built-in Mouthpiece, Mouthpiece can be replaced.
Both sides of the product can be installed with Mouthpieces
Blue Backlit digital LCD screen
Light weight stylish design, patented product. Loud alarm sounds


Sensor Type High precision semiconductor alcohol tester
Detection Range 0.000 -0.199% BAC; 0.000 1.990‰ BAC; 0.000 -0.995mg/L (BrAC)
Alarm Point 5%0.050% BAC, 0.500‰ BAC : 0.250mg/L (BrAC)
Accuracy ±0.010% BAC; ±0.100‰ BAC; ±0.050 mg/L
Response Time < 5s Warmup time : < 20s;
Operating Voltage 3 x AAA batteries
Operating Current <= 120 mA
Operating Environment 10°C - 50°C
Screen Blue Backlit 3 – digit LCD screen